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Jaimie Pangan
Music Composer for Film, TV and Games

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Conducting at Warner Brothers May 2019 - USC Program at Warner Brothers May 2019 - USC Pro

The Composer

Jaimie Pangan (stage/artist name) is a violinist, music producer and a music composer for film, TV and games previously based in Los Angeles, California, and now currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally hailing from the Philippines, she loves experimenting string sounds with electronic elements and creates hybrid ambient textures that blend with cinematic drama.

Prior to pursuing music, Jaimie worked at IBM Philippines as an Information Technology Specialist and has obtained a patent for an AI hit song generator their team developed with IBM Japan and Singapore. After 3 years of working in the tech industry, she pursued music through the Master of Music in Screen Scoring program at the University of Southern California. Some of her musical achievements include being nominated for the Hollywood and Music Media Awards under the Contemporary Classical and Best Rom-Com Song category, and was featured in major publications such as, The Manila Times and When In Manila. In 2020, she was invited to be a voting member of the Recording Academy, and in 2021, she became a GRAMMYs NEXT alumni. She was also invited to be a part of BAFTA Connect in 2023. Her music can be heard on different platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and various Academy Award Qualifying film festivals. She also contributed in the music department of productions under Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. In her spare time, she loves to study Japanese 日本語, watch films, read a good book, dye her hair, craft non-alcoholic drinks, journal, play Genshin Impact/Pokémon/Honkai Star Rail and eat Korean/Japanese food.


I have done a variety of work. The films I worked on have gone through film festivals and you can find them on streaming platforms.

I have both composed music for films, and have worked under the Music Department. Hover on poster (click on mobile) to check the role I had for each film.

Credits include:
Music Composer, Music Supervisor, Violinist, Songwriter, & Technical Score Engineer

Composer Reel



Some Composer Thoughts here...


Creative Services

Music Composition, Music Production, Songwriting, &
Music Licensing

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Jole Sanchez ("VS", 2023)

"Jaimie approached me during our crowdfunding campaign for our short film, she was passionate about working on a project with AAPI artists and that was a big factor for me. I visited her website and her music samples were brilliant––I knew she was the composer I wanted to score my film. She created something special and listened to the ideas I had while challenging herself and trying different sounds to capture certain tones, and together we shaped something amazing for this project! Hopefully we'll get to work on something else in the near future!"


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